Our History

In the beginning . . . early 1900's, Al Munroe and his crew. It was said that Al's horse was his most important employee.

Since 1881, A.B. Munroe Dairy has been delivering the freshest milk in the area. The company was founded by Alfred B. Munroe and was later purchased by my grandfather, in 1936. The dairy has always been at its present location on Brow Street in East Providence, RI.

A Munroe delivery truck, circa 1940.

Since the beginning, Munroe dairy has always been just a home delivery dairy. In the early years, the dairy may have supplied a few local stores but home delivery, direct-to-your-door service, has been the main focus of our operation.

All processing and bottling is done at our plant and has been done here for the past 125 years. I believe the success of the company has been its commitment to just do home delivery. Many of our products are not available in any store, and we support local food suppliers whenever possible. By doing this we offer a direct connect to you, the customer. We also believe that we can keep better control of the product if it is handled by our own delivery personnel in our own trucks.

Today . . . Munroe still delivers its "Simply Fresh" products directly to your home.

Our milk comes from local family-owned farms. It is not trucked in from huge factory farms and is not adulterated with additives, stabilizer, or synthetics. Our milk is also not ultra-pasteurized. We believe the less it is handled and processed, the better its taste and the more nutritious it is for you.

We feel that our dedication to providing quality products and friendly service has been the reason for our many years of success.

President, A.B. Munroe Dairy